Chronicles of Ephemera

Week 3

Hey there everyone, I’m not sure how many of you guys read these but if you do I am pleased. Feel free to update the wiki for your own utility. I’m going to update some NPC’s and key elements but the more you add to it the better I believe the game to be. I want you guys to take charge of your campaign and feel free to take the story where you want it to go. I’m always open to new ideas and honestly, I want to know more about what makes your characters tick. Nothing like some nice plot hooks and ways to involve you. The more I have to go on, the more your characters can stand in the spotlight.

So in Week 2 you defeated the Voice in the Woods and found that there was a connection other that the dark force of the Voice corrupting the local area. Killing the Voice did not automatically break the enchantment on Anise, however you were able to release him and his panther companion. In the lock box you found some parcels and gold. Upon arriving back to camp you were amazed to find your broken vessel and ransacked camp back to tip-top shape! Alas, Hyskosa was still no where to be found. In his place, you found a lone Tarokka card. A jet black raven delivered a puzzling message which after some examination requested your presence at a place called Punjar. This mysterious character only known as S. seems to know your presence here and must want something from you. Anise doesn’t seem to know much about S. or Tarokka and did not think it to be a good idea to return to Punjar where he was influenced by the dark powers of the Beggar-King.

Punjar was just as it had been depicted to you, the slums at least, filthy and poverty-stricken. The billowing smog rising from the charnel tower and children eager to pick your pockets, laughing. At least you know children still laugh in a place like this; the thought barely comforts you in this unfamiliar place.

An enchanting woman approaches the party speaking of the misdeeds of the Beggar-King asking you to “take care of him,” offering you a prized map to the location of a dragon’s horde as a reward. She seems to ease your mistrust of the seemingly corrupt group known as the Black Hand who seem to “protect” the people of Punjar.

Entering Cutpurse Alley, the players are ambushed by sentries armed with weighted nets and spears. They dispatch them as well as thugs who enter from a secret passageway with ease. At the end of the alley they discover an old statue of Orcus and within moments desecrate it by stealing the ruby eyes. A sense of dread overwhelms the monk who pried the eyes loose.



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