Irocar the War Captain,
Human Fighter
Medium natural humanoid (human)
Level 4 Sld XP 175
Init 4 Senses Perception +2
HP 54 Bloodied 27
AC 23 Fort 19, Ref 15, Will 14
Spd 5
 +1 bastard sword (standard; at-will)  Weapon: +11 vs.
AC; 1d10
6 damage.
 Long Bow (standard; at-will)  Weapon: Ranged 7
vs. AC; 1d10
3 damage.
 Cleave (standard; at-will)  Martial, Weapon: 11
vs. AC; 1d10
6 damage, and an enemy adjacent to Irocar
takes 4 damage.
 Serpent Strike (standard; encounter)  Martial,
Weapon: 11 vs. AC; 2d106 damage, and the target is
slowed and cannot shift until the end of Irocar’s next
 Brute Strike: (standard; daily)  Martial, Weapon: 11
vs. AC; 3d10
6 damage.
Combat Challenge: Every time Irocar attacks an enemy,
whether that attack hits or misses, he can mark that
target. The mark lasts until the end of the Irocar’s next
turn. In addition, whenever an adjacent enemy shifts,
Irocar makes a melee basic attack against that enemy
(as an immediate interrupt).
Unstoppable (minor; daily)  Martial: Irocar gains
2d6+2 temporary hit points.
Align Evil Lang Common
Skills Athletics 11
Intimidate +8
Str 18 (
6) Dex 14 (4) Wis 10 (2)
Con 14 (4) Int 12 (3) Cha 12 (+3)
Possessions: +1 bastard sword, longbow, chainmail,
heavy shield


Leader of the Dog-Brothers, the war-captain is an imposing foe, over seven feet in height and clad in a blackened suit of plate and chain. Irocar wears a distinctive great helm to conceal terrible scars, though his raspy voice betrays the gruesome wounds suffered early in his career. The war-captain fights with a bastard sword and shield, or with his massive longbow, cut from the horn of a black dragon

Though the mercenary despises the Beggar-King, his reputation depends on his ability to fulfill the letter of his contract. Thus, Irocar and his men do not fight on behalf of the Beggar-King so much as in defense of their reputation.


Chronicles of Ephemera Tropotos