ancient dead: Also called “ancients”; a
broader term for the undead creatures often called

bloodline: A chain of lycanthropic infection
stemming from a single natural lycanthrope.
caliban: A human warped in the womb by
unnatural magic.

cleric domain: A clarification to the term
“domain” from the Player’s Handbook to avoid
confusion with Ravenloft’s domains.

cluster: A patchwork collection of two or
more domains in a single Mist-bound region.
Core, the: The largest and oldest cluster in
Ravenloft, loosely resembling a microcosmic,
Gothic Europe.

Cultural Level (CL): A rough measurement
of a community’s technological level. Affects
equipment and skill availability.

darklord: The evil master — and ultimate
prisoner — of a domain. A descriptive term, it is
not used by characters in the setting.
Dark Powers: The faceless, godlike forces
that shape the Realm of Dread. A descriptive term;
their true nature and intentions remain a mystery.

domain: A pocket dimension created to imprison
and torment a singular evil creature, its
darklord. Domains often resemble Material Plane
locations and may contain sizeable populations.

domain border: Darklords can close the borders
of their domain, preventing escape. No mortal
magic can overcome a closed domain border.

Dukkar: A legendary foe of the Vistani, said
to be a male Vistana gifted with the Sight and
fated to bring destruction to his people.

ethereal resonance: The landscape of the
Near Ethereal, shaped by the echoes of emotionally
charged events.

Fear save: A Will save vs. fear effects

fiend: Any powerful, evil outsider.

giogoto: The Vistani term for half-Vistani. Both
singular and plural.

giorgio: The Vistani term for non-Vistani. Both
singular and plural.

Grand Conjunction, the: An arcane term for a
cataclysmic event in 740 that nearly destroyed and
permanently reshaped the Land of Mists. It was
foreseen by the Vistani seer Hyskosa. Within the
setting this event is more commonly known as the
Great Upheaval.

Grim Harvest, the: A murderous conspiracy
forged to collect souls to power a grand and terrible
magical experiment. Lasting from 748-750, it culminated
in the Requiem.

Horror save: A Will save vs. horror effects.
Hour of Screaming Shadows, the: A terrifying
night in the autumn of 752 when a mass of living
shadows smashed into Nedragaard Keep in Sithicus,
apparently killing the black knight who ruled it.
Innocence: The total absence of evil in a mortal
spirit. Evil creatures are both drawn to and
threatened by Innocence, like moths to a flame.
insane: Any creature suffering from a madness

Island of Terror: A single domain, surrounded
on all sides by the Mists.
Madness save: A Will save vs. madness effects.
Mists, the: As the Misty Border, these banks of
unnatural fog separate clusters and Islands of Terror.
The Mists can also appear at any place or time
within Ravenloft. They are presumed to be the
agents of the Dark Powers and can twist time and

Mistway: A relatively reliable travel route
through the Mists.
Outcast Rating (OR): Amodifier to social
skills, reflecting the xenophobia of Ravenloft’s

outlander: Anyone who comes from “beyond
the Mists,” perhaps even from another world.
Near Ethereal, the: The borderland between
Ravenloft and the Ethereal Plane.
powers check: A percentile roll to determine
whether the Dark Powers respond to evil acts.

rank: A measure of the power of ghosts,
ethereal resonance, and the ancient dead. Not to be
confused with skill ranks.

Ravenloft: A descriptive term for the setting. To
characters within the Land of Mists, Ravenloft is
just a castle in Barovia.

recovery check: A Will save made to recover
from horror or madness effects. Failing the check
incurs no further penalties.

Requiem, the: A catastrophic event in 750 in
which an expanding wave of negative energy slew
I1 Aluk. Darkon’s king was thought killed in the
blast but has recently reemerged.

Scourge of Arak: A massive sandstorm in 588
that wiped out all surface life in the region now
known as the Mountains of Misery in Darkon.

sinkhole of evil: A spiritually unclean area that
applies penalties to Will saves and turning attempts.
The effect of powerful ethereal resonance spawned
by acts of evil.

Vistani: A mysterious, gypsylike people who
roam the Land of Mists. They are feared and
respected for their evil eye and power over the
Mists. Vistani is plural; the singular form is Vistana.


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