Introduction to Ravenloft:

Beyond mortal senses, beyond your reality,there lurks a boundless plane.
It permeates your world and fills the void between worlds.
It is the border between the lands of the living and of the dead.
There, mind and matter become one;
thought and passion, fear and yearning can become more tangible than iron.
It is the Ethereal Plane.
Somewhere, lurking deep within those ethe-real mists,
a dark and nameless dimension is ruled by dark and nameless powers.
Some say it is a prison for the damned; some say it is a crucible to test the virtuous.
Others simply call it home. It is a land of mist and shadow, love and death,
sacrifice and seduction, beauty and horror. It is a land of whispered fears made manifest.
It is the Realm of Dread.
Perhaps you have sensed its touch.
At the bidding of the Dark Powers, tendrils of the etherealMists that bind this land reach out to caress the Material Plane.
They stroke the skin at the back of your neck when a creaking floorboard warns that you are not alone in the dark.
Their invisible fingers crawl down your spine when inhuman shadows rustle at the edges of your vision.
The Mists do more than merely caress. The Dark Powers are drawn to innocence and villainy, to
loathing and desire, to obsession, and to despair.
They seek out squandered dreams and inner demons.
They savor the decay of the spirit.
Their Mists snatch up fiends at the moment of their ruin and steal upon heroes in times of doubt.
To what end do the Dark Powers add these souls to their tarnished collection?
To torment them?
To purify them?
None can say, for few souls drawn into the Realm of Dread ever leave to tell the tale.
Yet perhaps you will soon learn for yourself for tonight the Mists have come for you.
Welcome to the Land of Mists. Welcome to the crucible of virtue and the spoils of damnation.
Welcome to the Realm of Dread.
Welcome to Ravenloft.

Chronicles of Ephemera

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